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Sectional Overhead Doors

Please find below a general specification for our sectional overhead industrial doors. Should you require any further information or a site survey then please call us so that we can make the appropriate arrangements.

Overhead DoorsDOOR PANELS: Each 610mm x 40mm thick panel is formed from two 0.5mm galvanized steel facing sheets, bonded together with a high density, fire resistant, CFC-free foam core. Top panes are trimmed to suit the opening height. Inside facing sheets are stucco-embossed and finished in bright white polyester. Outside facing sheets can be stucco-embossed with polyester finish or smooth with Plasticol finish, in colours from our standard ranges. Panels can be factory painted on one or both sides any RAL or BS colour. The tongue and groove joints have a factory-filled compressible weatherseal. U-value, allowing for panels joints, is 0.60W/K, which is better than is required under current building regulations. Rubber weather seals are retained in aluminium extrusions on the top and bottom panels.

TRACKS AND HARDWARE: All tracks, support angles, hinges and roller brackets are manufactured from heavy gauge pre-galvanized steel. The track arrangement is designed to suit project requirements. A PVC weather seal is fitted to each vertical track assembly. Standard 2†nylon guide rollers give smooth, quiet operation. A galvanized steel shotbolt is fitted ass standard at one side of the door. Push-up doors have a lifting handle fitted to the bottom panel.

COUNTERBALANCE: The fine balance of each door is achieved by tempered helical springs carried on a bright steel shaft which is mounted in self-aligning sealed ball bearings, secured tot he building structure over the opening. The weight of the door is carried by two aircraft-quality steel cables, wound onto a cable drum mounted at each end of the shaft.

MANUAL/ELECTRIC OPERATION: Doors up to 12m can be push-up operated. Over this size, manually operated doors are supplied with a chain hoist with reduction gears and zinc plated hand chain. Standard electric operation includes a 3-phase operator with push button control and low-level emergency hand chain.

Sectional Overhead Doors


  • Integral hinged personnel access door with cylinder lock, lever handles and overhead closer.
  • Double glazed acrylic windows.
  • Inside/outside key-operated lock.
  • Special electrical equipment (e.g. single phase operation, safety devides, induction loops, radio control, etc).