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High Speed Doors

Energy saving is high on the agenda of businesses and organizations as it helps in reducing costs. High speed doors are energy saving doors that due to their high speeds help in conserving energy. These doors help in reducing the noise levels as well as pollution levels, thus improving the overall working environment making it more comfortable and relaxed. The high-speed doors by Kaiser doors are used in freezer rooms, hygienic environment or places with high wind conditions. The use of these doors is highly recommended as continued exposure to high noise levels can lead to hearing impairment. These energy saving doors increases the overall efficiency of an organization.
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Fire Doors

Fire Doors are specialized doors that help to restrict the spread of fire and in compartmentalizing the fire. Kaiser doors offer a variety of fire doors that offer protection from fire that ranges from thirty minutes to four hours. These fire doors UK offer four levels of protection that can deal with a wide range of attacks from 'light hand tool' attack to 'power tool' attack. High level of consistency and tight tolerances are provided with the help of CNC machining techniques. Kaiser doors also offer other types of doors such as high speed doors, PVC Strip Curtains and Roller Shutter Doors.
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Roller Shutter Doors

Safety and security issues are plaguing are society these days. Roller shutters are the solution to this problem. Roller shutter doors are a very popular door types used in residential or commercial settings. These functional doors provide security and safety from theft, rain or pollution while their contemporary designs make a stylish décor statement. These door are strong, occupy less space besides providing extra security. Kaiser doors Ltd. offer a wide range of roller shutter doors along with a huge variety of fire doors, high-speed door, Sectional Overhead doors, PVC strip curtains, Barriers etc. These roller shutter doors UK also provide with repair, installation and maintenance of roller shutter doors.
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